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With ransomware and hacking attempts at an all time high and only getting worse, you absolutely need to speak to Serenity about protecting your web assets.

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Our firewall provides all the latest advanced technology you need to protect your network from botnets, hacks, and advanced threats. Get a full protection suite of network, wireless, IPS, VPN, web, app, email, and web application firewall technology. Sophos Sandstorm with next-gen sandbox technology offers an extra layer of security against ransomware and targeted attacks. With Sophos Synchronized Security, you can quickly identify an infection source and automatically limit its access to other network resources until the infection is cleaned up. Sophos’ network security allows all the advanced networking, protection, user, and app controls you need to stay secure and compliant.


  • Our Firewall, alongside Sandstorm sandbox and next-gen endpoint protection, provide the ultimate defense against the latest advanced threats like ransomware. Working together, these solutions automatically identify, block, and respond to the latest zero-day threats. Combined analysis from DNS, IPS, web, and traffic filters identifies and blocks botnet and command and control call-home attempts to give you multi-layered protection. The Security Heartbeat links your endpoints and your firewall, combining the intelligence they gather to identify and isolate systems compromised by advanced and previously unknown threats.
  • Protection of Encrypted Traffic ensures that encrypted traffic in your network does not remain a blind spot by offering a fully transparent SSL scanning, enforcement, and protocol validation. SSL decryption securely intercepts and decrypts SSL traffic to allow deep scanning for security, compliance, and policy checks with policy-driven opt-outs, allowing privacy for sensitive traffic. Protocol enforcement for encrypted traffic connections identifies and blocks unwanted traffic trying to bypass filtering or traffic shaping.
  • Global Threat Intelligence Advantage – a state of the art big data analytics system to efficiently process the millions of emails, URLs, files, and other data points that come into the labs each day. This data, along with our extensive experience, enables us to develop new definitions, detect entire classes of threats, and even new variants. And, with Live Protection and Anti-Spam, you benefit from all our data and analysis in real time.


171 Bunker Road
Victoria Point
QLD, 4165 ABN 40 609 096 040 


Mona Taimana: +61 4 0000 6734 Technical Director 


Master CNE, HP ASE-Network Infrastructure 2011, HP ASE-Wireless 2011, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VTSP


Michael del Manso: +61 4 1887 1472 Business Director


Master CNE, HP ASC -Networking 2011, HP Sale Certified - 2012, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VSP, A+ Service Technician


Shane Archer: +1 949 735 6447          US Operations Manager


Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, Sophos UTM Engineer

Why Choose Serenity IT Solutions?

Different businesses have different needs. Find out which products meet your needs.

Our Solutions

We have got you covered! Whether it be from preventing an attack with the the unique technologies of Sophos Intercept X; stopping the encryption of data by ransomware with CryptoGuard; providing the clean up of viruses with Sophos Clean; or providing insights into an attack and how to improve security moving forward  — Serenity Solutions is the name that can be relied on.

Our Partnerships

Partnering with Serenity Solutions means that you become part of a larger network of partners, such as Sophos, HPE, Ruckus and Veeam. As a team, we can protect you against the threat of Ransomware, help you backup and recover when you need it the most..

Our Expertise

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe from hackers and the worry of your information falling into the wrong hands. You can rest assured that Serenity Solutions is a tried and tested vendor that prides itself in its experience, knowledge and customer service.


Clients had the following to say about Serenity IT Services:

“Serenity IT built immediate rapport with the service team and has lead a number of successful ICT projects from planning stages through to acceptance and sign-off.”​

​“Our school has developed a good working relationship with Serenity for their ability to provide IT solutions in a timely manner.”

“Serenity IT is winning our business from both a price point and service perspective.”

“The experience has been unlike any other vendor.  I know I can count on the guys from Serenity. I don’t have to explain it to them... they just get it!”

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Different businesses have different needs. Find out which products meet your needs.

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