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A robust, stable and reliable network has become the foundation for successful and efficient business processes.  Every facet of your technology implementation relies on the underpinning network infrastructure and at the core of every adaptable network is a flexible, secure and efficient switching platform.


Our data center switch solutions deliver the utmost in extensible Network Automation that is integrated with other IT services tool chains. Supporting flexible  fabrics, they deliver key scalable features that meet the demands of today’s virtualised and cloud multi-vendor environments

Advanced Features to Transform Data Centers

Data centers continue to evolve, creating a need for an infrastructure that can support growth in Virtual Machines (VMs), distributed applications, and data, as well as the transition to cloud-based computing—without compromising performance. Our data centre family of switches deliver the performance, flexibility, and efficiency essential to modern data centers, including cloud and highly virtualized environments


Our edge/access switches ensure the performance and reliable operation of your end-user devices and applications. Simple to deploy and manage, they let you easily scale port density, bandwidth, and network services.

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