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Network Access and Control

Serenity IT Solutions provides a complete Access Control solution that is standards-based, multi-vendor interoperable pre-connect and post-connect Access Control solution for wired and wireless LAN and VPN users.  This allows you to deploy a leading-edge Network Access Control solution to ensure only the right users have access to the right information from the right place at the right time including time of day, location, authentication types, device and OS type, and end system and user groups.


  • Easy integration with third party management tools for MDM, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW), SIEM, IPS and more
  • Centrally manage and control the security posture of all devices connecting to the network, including employee bring your own device (BYOD)
  • It offers the flexibility to choose whether or not to restrict access for guests/contractors to public Internet services only
  • Managed guest access control with sponsorship, SMS verification, pre-registration, and other options
  • Comprehensive dashboard reporting and advanced notification engine
  • Enables the unified configuration of policies across multiple switch and wireless access point vendors. This capability significantly reduces the burden of policy lifecycle management
  • Protects existing infrastructure investments since it does not require the deployment of new switching hardware or that agents be installed on all end systems
  • Address compliance and regulatory requirements by controlling access to sensitive data and then providing comprehensive reporting on user activity. Additionally, reporting data can be exported to other third party reporting tools
  • Automate endpoint isolation, quarantine, and remediation, plus ongoing threat analysis, prevention, and containment
  • Performs multi-user, multi-method authentication, vulnerability assessment and assisted remediation

Network Monitoring

Part of network security is knowing what operations are occurring on your network.  Our network monitoring solution provides centralised visibility and granular control of enterprise network resources end to end. Monitoring that reaches beyond ports and VLANs down to individual users, applications, and protocols.


    • Transform complex network data into business-centric, actionable information
    • Centralize and simplify the definition, management, and enforcement of policies such as guest access or personal devices
    • Easily integrate with business applications with Software Defined Networking for operational efficiency

Operational efficiency

Reduce IT administrative effort with the automation of routine tasks and web-based dashboard

Streamline management with the integration of wired and wireless networks

Easily enforce policies network-wide for QoS, bandwidth, etc.Troubleshoot with the convenience of a smartphone or tablet

Integrate with enterprise management platforms
Protect corporate data with centralized monitoring, control, and real-time response

Enhance existing investments in network security

Preserve LAN/WLAN network integrity with unified policies
Service and support

Industry-leading first-call resolution rates and customer satisfaction rates

Personalised services, including site surveys, network design, installation, and training

Network Automation

No matter how many moves, adds, or changes occur in your environment, Management Center keeps everything in view and under control through role-based access controls. Removing the human error factor in changes on your network increases your security.  One click can equal a thousand actions when you manage your network with Extreme Networks. Management Center can even manage beyond Extreme Networks switching, routing, and wireless hardware to deliver standards-based control of other vendors’ network equipment.

Network Analysis

For the first time bridge Network/Security Management with comprehensive Business Analytics.

Application Analytics allows IT operations to optimize the network for increased application performance while also giving IT the tools necessary to provide detailed network-based business analytics to all parts of the business. This empowers IT to invite and share business analytics information with other Line of Business executives, which will elevate the network and IT functions to a higher and more strategic level for the business.

Better business decisions – Provides context to the application visibility by associating user, role, location, time, device, and more with the application.

Better troubleshooting – provide visibility into the application, eliminating issues before they can occur. This increases user satisfaction and the user experience.

Complete layer 7 application visibility – Application Analytics uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to provide a rich analytical framework and granular controls for private (SAP, SOA traffic, Exchange, SQL etc) and public cloud (Salesforce, Google, Email, youTube, P2P, file sharing, etc ) applications as well as social media applications like Facebook, Twitter and others. Again this guarantees a better quality user experience for business critical applications.

Better network planning – Understand the impact of deployed applications on the network. This provides the data necessary to plan network expansions before user complain.

Baseline the application usage on the network – Establish a baseline or matrix on the network usage that IT can use to trend network application usage overtime and identify when abnormalities arise.

Reporting for compliance and regulatory – track, collect, and report application usage with built in reporting and additionally export this information to third party reporting products.


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Mona Taimana: +61 4 0000 6734 Technical Director

Master CNE, HP ASE-Network Infrastructure 2011, HP ASE-Wireless 2011, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VTSP


Michael del Manso: +61 4 1887 1472 Business Director

Master CNE, HP ASC -Networking 2011, HP Sale Certified - 2012, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VSP, A+ Service Technician


Shane Archer: +1 949 735 6447          US Operations Manager

Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, Sophos UTM Engineer

Why Choose Serenity IT Solutions?

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Our Solutions

We have got you covered! Whether it be from preventing an attack with the the unique technologies of Sophos Intercept X; stopping the encryption of data by ransomware with CryptoGuard; providing the clean up of viruses with Sophos Clean; or providing insights into an attack and how to improve security moving forward  — Serenity Solutions is the name that can be relied on.

Our Partnerships

Partnering with Serenity Solutions means that you become part of a larger network of partners, such as Sophos, HPE, Ruckus and Veeam. As a team, we can protect you against the threat of Ransomware, help you backup and recover when you need it the most..

Our Expertise

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe from hackers and the worry of your information falling into the wrong hands. You can rest assured that Serenity Solutions is a tried and tested vendor that prides itself in its experience, knowledge and customer service.


Clients had the following to say about Serenity IT Services:

“Serenity IT built immediate rapport with the service team and has lead a number of successful ICT projects from planning stages through to acceptance and sign-off.”​

​“Our school has developed a good working relationship with Serenity for their ability to provide IT solutions in a timely manner.”

“Serenity IT is winning our business from both a price point and service perspective.”

“The experience has been unlike any other vendor.  I know I can count on the guys from Serenity. I don’t have to explain it to them... they just get it!”

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