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We take pride in providing WIFI solutions that are fast, reliable, high performing, user friendly, scalable and simple.

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Wifi has become a utility as basic as electricity or running water. Accessing high-bandwidth video, gaming, education materials, and social applications is a large part of engaging in what is now a very connected  life.

Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Reliable Access Points for the Best Wi-Fi in the Business

Millions of new Internet of Things connections. Bandwidth-hungry cloud and video applications. Explosive growth in mobile devices. All of these trends are making Wi-Fi a critical amenity for every organization, and driving a need for faster speeds and more capacity. At the same time, as the RF spectrum gets more crowded, delivering great wireless experiences becomes that much harder.

Our Wi-Fi solutions deliver industry-leading Wi-Fi performance and reliability in the toughest environments. We offer APs for every size venue, from the densest convention center floor to the hotspot at your corner coffee shop. And every one of them features groundbreaking RF innovations that no other AP can offer:


    • Extended coverage with patented adaptive antenna technology utilising multi-directional antenna patterns.
    • Predictive channel selection finds the best Wi-Fi channel for each device based on real-time capacity, boosting performance by up to 50 percent.
    • Wireless meshing technology to eliminate the costly, cumbersome task of pulling Ethernet cables for every access point
    • State-of-the-art security, from 802.1x to Dynamic Pre-Shared Keys, with all the latest encryption and authentication mechanisms you’d expect — but made simple to manage
    • High-performance dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 access points (meshed or wired) that deliver blazing-fast data rates to 802.11ac Wave 2 clients, while drastically improving RF efficiency for legacy 802.11a/b/g/n clients
    • Configuration in minutes and installation in hours, without cumbersome site surveys or tedious network setup
    • Appliance, virtual, and cloud-managed options

    Secure Onboarding

    Delivering uninterrupted Wi-Fi in a secure, user-friendly, and scalable manner is imperative. Our Enrolment System makes it simple.

    The expectation that Wi-Fi connectivity is easy and predictable is higher than ever. Users expect to connect quickly, easily and conveniently. Once connected, they expect their devices to work without disruption. As the Wi-Fi network has grown from a luxury to an expectation, the value of WiFi connectivity has multiplied, meanwhile, the number of devices and the types of devices are expanding, making it more difficult to establish a favorable first impression.

    Our solution allows secure Wi-Fi to be extended to all users on all devices. The simple, yet powerful workflow engine enables nearly any use case that one can conjure to include visitors, staff, students, contractors and more. The full range of guest access mechanisms are supported, including sponsorship, social media, custom OAuth, one-time-passwords, vouchers and more.

    Unlike traditional guest servers that leave these users on unencrypted and open Wi-Fi, users are  automatically moved to WPA2-Enterprise.

    Our solution also supports device registration, providing an easy mechanism for users to enroll gaming devices such as Xbox™ or PlayStation™ consoles. After registration, the device may be granted access to a WPA2-PSK wireless network, wherein access is restricted by PSK and MAC address.

    With its Set-It-And-Forget-It Wi-Fi capabilities, our enrolment system makes EAP-TLS the new standard for secure Wi-Fi, offering secure, automated, device lifecycle management to simplify the adoption of standards-based WiFi networks for scalable BYOD environments.



    • Extend WPA2-Enterprise to all users; including visitors, alumni and contractors for a uniform wireless approach.
    • Eliminate the negative impact of password change policies on the wireless experience.
    • Increase security by replacing PEAP with EAP-TLS, and eliminate the caching and transmission of passwords on every connection.
    • Provide unmatched visibility and reporting related to users, devices and policies.
    • Eliminate captive portal fatigue associated with repeated logins.
    • Provide an easy-to-use, predictable onboarding experience, leading to higher Wi-Fi satisfaction among users.
    • Reduce support costs by significantly decreasing wireless-related trouble tickets.
    • Provide a proven model for eduroam participation.


    171 Bunker Road
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    QLD, 4165 ABN 40 609 096 040 


    Mona Taimana: +61 4 0000 6734 Technical Director

    Master CNE, HP ASE-Network Infrastructure 2011, HP ASE-Wireless 2011, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VTSP


    Michael del Manso: +61 4 1887 1472 Business Director

    Master CNE, HP ASC -Networking 2011, HP Sale Certified - 2012, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VSP, A+ Service Technician


    Shane Archer: +1 949 735 6447          US Operations Manager

    Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, Sophos UTM Engineer

    Location-Based Services

    Take advantage of Wi-Fi beyond basic connectivity to improve operational efficiency and engage customers like never before. Our Wifi Location-Based Services (LBS) Solution enables schools, retailers, stadiums, and transportation hubs to enhance the way they interact with customers based on precise location. Deployed on top of Smart Wi-Fi, the solution does not require any additional hardware and has unlimited scalability in the cloud. Send real-time travel updates, targeted promotions, and even classroom notes through footfall traffic and proximity analytics to enrich customer relationships.


    • provides key data, such as footfall traffic visualization via heat-map by zone, floor, and venue. Can be deployed as a cloud-subscription service, or as a virtualized instance deployed on-premises or in a customer’s data center for a without any re-occurring costs.
    • Detects client locations in real-time through drop-pin analytics, within a range of 3-10m at 80% confidence. Ideal for high-density deployments.
    • Utilizes proximity analytics to detect overall number of devices present to the nearest AP. Well suited for smaller venues with fewer deployed APs who need less precise location analytics.
    • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon Technology can be used to  enhance Wi-Fi location analytics by enriching proximity-based interactions, one to fifty meters from a specific location. The Wifi-AP will be capable of serving as two-way distributed management and asset and security monitoring platforms for BLE beacons.

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