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Managed Storage and Servers

Tackle enterprise workloads with power, efficiency and reliability
Gain superior performance with Intel Xeon, end-to-end 12Gbps RAID support—devices and infrastructure—up to four RAID adapters, up to eight front-mounted NVMe PCIe SSDs and up to four GPUs


  • Reduce data center costs with smart energy-efficient features, including extended operating temperature, 80 PLUS® Titanium power supplies (up to 96 percent efficiency), active/standby power supply modes, dual fan zone design, and TruDDR4 Memory (up to 45 percent lower energy use over DDR3)
  • Run more virtual machines and workloads with up to 22 percent more cores than previous generation

Hybrid IT

HPE SimpliVity’s solution is the revolutionary hyperconverged platform – a salable, modular 2U building block of x86 resources that offers all the functionality of traditional IT infrastructure in one device including storage, compute, networking, hypervisor, real-time deduplication, compression, and optimization along with powerful global unified management, data protection and disaster recovery capabilities.  Some of Simplivity’s critical design elements:
The solution is designed for high availability with no single point of failure
Scale-out: new systems are seamlessly added into the network, adding linear performance and capacity.
Global Unified Management: all resources are managed from the same pane of glass, globally.
TCO savings: the solution provides at least 3x Total Cost of Ownership savings when compared to the traditional infrastructure “legacy stack”.
Operational Efficiency: the solution ties back to SimpliVity’s vision to “Simplify IT”, which includes not only the hardware and software, but also the operational elements from provisioning, to backup and restore, to ongoing management and maintenance.


  • Performance: SimpliVity significantly increases performance of all applications by eliminating IOPS that would have to be written to disk in traditional infrastructures.  SimpliVity’s DVP removes the performance trade off that previously prevented legacy technologies from solving the data problem at inception. Now, instead of sacrificing performance to save capacity, SimpliVity actually increases  performance.
  • Capacity:  SimpliVity solves the issue of the I/O gap and therefore requires fewer HDDs in the system than legacy systems, as writes will have already been deduplicated.  Now, all resources are hyperconverged into one scalable, modular building block.
  • Data Protection: As you backup more VMs and data, the overall efficiency increases while improving availability. A high frequency of backups will effectively provide a much lower Recovery Point Objective (RPO). SimpliVity allows IT the ability to backup applications that previously were not possible within the allocated budget.
    All backups are full logical backups with no performance impact and no consumed IOPS as the creation of the backup is a capture of metadata state.  Restores are the reinstatement of a metadata state and therefore takes seconds no matter the size of the VM.
  • WAN optimized remote backup: when a backup is sent offsite, only unique blocks are ever sent across the wire, saving on WAN bandwidth and remote processing/IOPS.  Similarly, remote restore is a matter of replacing any required unique blocks back from offsite and the metadata state for the VM.  Remote backups and restores take minutes not hours and depends more on the rate of change of a VM not on its size.
    Instantaneous Cloning operations on running VMs with Zero IO impact.


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Mona Taimana: +61 4 0000 6734 Technical Director

Master CNE, HP ASE-Network Infrastructure 2011, HP ASE-Wireless 2011, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VTSP


Michael del Manso: +61 4 1887 1472 Business Director

Master CNE, HP ASC -Networking 2011, HP Sale Certified - 2012, Sophost Certified Engineer, Sophos Certified UTM Architect, Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, DCNE-2010, IT Project+, Masters Project Management (USQ), ITIL Foundations (v2), Acer Certified Storage Engineer, VMWare VSP, A+ Service Technician


Shane Archer: +1 949 735 6447          US Operations Manager

Sophos Certified Sales Consultant, Sophos UTM Engineer

HPE Store Virtual Storage

HP StoreVirtual VSA transforms your server’s internal or direct-attached storage into a fully-featured shared storage array without the cost and complexity associated with dedicated storage. StoreVirtual VSA is a virtual storage appliance optimized for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.
It creates a virtual array within your application server and scales as storage needs evolve. The ability to use internal storage within your environment greatly increases storage utilization, and eliminates the costs and complexity associated with dedicated external storage.


  • The unique scale-out architecture offers the ability to add storage capacity on-the-fly without compromising performance. Its built-in high availability and disaster recovery features ensure business continuity for the entire virtual environment.
  • A straightforward and simple management console allows the administrator to manage all StoreVirtual products, physical and virtual, regardless of their physical location.
  • Now featuring Adaptive Optimization: sub-volume tiering automation for unpredictable workloads. Create tiers from any type of storage: SAS, SATA, SSD; internal or external
  • Enhanced performance with support for ParaVirtualized SCSI Controller (PV SCSI). Provides more efficient CPU utilization on the host server running VMware vSphere
  • Transform Your Internal Storage Into a Shared Resource
    Enjoy all the benefits of traditional SAN storage without a physical SAN. StoreVirtual VSA allows you to build enterprise level SAN functionality into your server infrastructure to deliver lower cost of ownership and superior ease of management.
  • Scale-out storage architecture allows the consolidation of internal and external disks into a pool of shared storage. All available capacity and performance is aggregated and accessible to every volume in the cluster. As storage needs grow, StoreVirtual VSA can scale out while remaining online.
  • Network RAID stripes and protects multiple copies of data across a cluster of storage nodes, eliminating any single point of failure in the StoreVirtual VSA array. Applications have continuous data availability in the event of a disk, controller, storage node, power, network, or site failure.
  • Create availability zones within your environment across racks, rooms, buildings, and cities and provide seamless application high availability with transparent failover and failback across zones—automatically.

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